Did someone say 'mud'? Time for Mud Masters ...

Did someone say 'mud'? Time for Mud Masters 2017!

Mud, muddy, muddier, muddiest… So much mud. You can probably already guess what this is about: it’s the annual Mud Masters run! Frogs love mud, so just like in previous years, we sent our squad to Mud Masters. Our marketing intern Minea joined the team and wrote about her experience. Spoiler: it was very, very muddy.

Initially, I wasn’t familiar with the term Mud Masters. Mud and masters, masters of mud… What is it? The invitation sounded like this: “Hey, join us for a fun competition that involves a bit mud and getting wet.” I was curious. I wanted to know what it was all about, so I said: “Why not? I’ll participate!”

Fast forward a couple of weeks…

At the office, the topic became more and more popular, and everyone started to make me more aware of what I had put myself into. See, little did I actually know… I had to complete a 12-kilometer run with 28 different obstacles. “What?! When in my entire life have I ever run 12 kilometers? And whaat?! Obstacles including mud? Well, okay, I was aware of that, but the water will be ICE COLD!”

Okay. Cool. No problem. Those things didn't scare me at all… I was really looking forward to the whole ordeal. No one, not even a couple of colleagues trying to scare me, could make me back down. ?

Fast forward a couple of days…

So… D-Day. Mud Masters, here I come. No stress. No pressure. Just happy thoughts and positive vibes. How it all went down? Everyone was excited and energized. Here is a short version, a lá me:

3, 2, 1 GO! Run run run, mud mud, cold water, damn hard obstacle, run run, crawl in mud, cold water, obstacle, slide into cold water, literally fly a bit, swim, can’t breathe, die a bit, run run, crawl in mud again, run, ahh the feeling of finally being dry again, well that did not last long, cold water obstacle again, fall in slippery mud, run run, climb a pyramid of 400 stairs, run, mud, cold water, run, hard obstacle – skip it, crawl in the grass uphill, run and run a little bit more aaaaaaand FINISH!

That may sound horrible, but in between all that running, crawling and swimming in mud, I experienced the best team spirit ever. Everyone helped and encouraged each other to do their very best. I didn’t complete this run by myself — we did it together, and only together. Crossing the finish line hand in hand was the best feeling ever. We were screaming and laughing: “Yes! We did it!”

Of course, there were times when I could only think “OMG, I’ll never survive this,” “WHAT?! WE’RE ONLY HALFWAY THROUGH???” and “Help, I’m dying!” But that’s not what I’ll remember from this year’s Mud Masters. Because here I am, happy as a hippo that I did it, so proud of myself and everyone else. Good job, everyone! You rock!

So what about next year's Mud Masters? Well…

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